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About Dr Steel

Dr steel has performed more than 2000 cranial surgeries for cerebral lesions. He uses minimally invasive techniques and intraoperative computer guidance to make surgery safer and more accurate. He routinely performs surgery for brain and pituitary tumours, trigeminal neuralgia and traumatic haematomas.
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Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

MIIS helps to minimise post-operative pain, allows patients to be discharged from hospital earlier, and return to their normal activities sooner because there is less disruption to the spinal muscles

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Disc replacement Surgery

In suitable cases patients who require removal of their discs to decompress the spinal cord and nerves can have an artificial disc inserted rather than perform a spinal fusion. This can help minimize the risk of developing problems at the adjacent levels following a fusion procedure.

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Spine Fusion

Fusion surgery is commonly performed in the spine to alleviate pain and rectify deformity and is highly effective . Dr steel uses minimally invasive and percutaneous techniques to perform fusion surgery. He has performed more than 2000 fusion operations.

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Brain Surgery

A craniotomy means creating an opening into the skull to expose the brain. Most craniotomies involve navigation assistance to accurately locate a lesion. This helps minimise the size of the cut and the craniotomy.
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Dr Timothy Steel: Leading Neurosurgeon & Spine Surgeon

Dr Timothy Steel is a leading neurosurgeon and spine surgeon in Sydney with more than 18 years experience as a consultant neurosurgeon. He underwent 10 years of surgical training after his internship at some of the finest hospitals in Australia, the United States of America and England. Much of his time as a neurosurgeon has been spent at the leading edge of spine surgery in Australia, helping people attain a better quality of life. His meticulously approach to surgery and specialised individual patient care has established his international reputation.

Dr Steel has performed more than 7,000 minimally invasive neurosurgical spinal operations, more than 2,000 complex spine instrumentation operations and has performed more than 2,000 brain surgeries to date. He was the first surgeon in the world to perform ultra short segment fusion surgery for unstable spine fractures.

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