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St Vincent’s Hospital

Recognised as one of Australia’s leading private hospitals, St Vincent’s Private Hospital is an acute medical and surgical hospital accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.

Dr Steel performs the majority of his work at St Vincent’s Private Hospital. He operates here every week, often on two or three days, and offers a complete range of neurosurgical procedures.

The operating rooms at St Vincent’s Private hospital have some of the most advanced equipment available in Australia, including a Brainlab stereotactic navigation system, three dedicated spine surgery operating tables, ultrasonic aspirators for tumour removal, an operating microscope and endoscopic equipment for minimally invasive neurosurgery. Dr Steel’s patients are typically on the neurosciences ward on Level 10 of the main building, or on the Sister Bernice wing where the majority of spine surgery patients are located.

St Vincent’s is one of Australia’s leading public hospitals. It provides an extensive range of diagnostic and treatment services, with specialities that include neurosurgery and the neurosciences; cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery including cardiac transplantation; HIV and immunology; cancer treatment; and orthopaedic surgery. The hospital has an international reputation for innovation and is regarded as a centre of excellence for clinical care, research, teaching and medical leadership.

Dr Steel operates at St Vincent’s Public Hospital every fortnight – treating both private and public patients – offering a full range of cranial, spinal and peripheral nerve surgeries. The Hospital also performs a broad range of endovascular procedures in the dedicated interventional angiography suite.